*Non-private mortgages will be referred to our licensed mortgage broker partner.


In todays competitive mortgage environment, you need the edge to be successful when you want to buy the house of your dreams. you will get that edge working with great white wealth management, a firm that specializes in complex, difficult personal and commercial mortgage deals. Whether your mortgage is simple or complicated, you can expect us to go the distance seeking an approval for your mortgage.  


Why is our approach more effective? Our firm has relationships with traditional lending institutions like banks, B-Tier lenders who will accept more risk in their deals, and private lenders. Managing Advisor drew white has over 20 years of commercial and personal lending experience, and he leverages these relationships to seek your approval. 

Drew is able to help you find approval options in almost all situations, but if he isn't able to obtain the approval, he will work with you closely to create a short to medium term financial plan to help you reach your goal of obtaining a mortgage. Drew has helped dozens of families ever the years reach their goals by implementing these plans. 

in this market you need an experienced professional in your corner. Make the right decision from the start, and contact us today to start working on your mortgage approval. 

*Non-private mortgages will be referred to our licensed mortgage broker partner.