Alternative Investing

great white wealth management is built on the philosophy of truly diversified portfolio investing. traditional investing is no longer sufficient to allow your investments to keep pace with inflation in many cases, which means that in the medium to long term you are eroding your principal and providing yourself less money to live on in retirement, and also diminishing the legacy you leave behind. 

our firm has access to real estate backed investments; real estate backed investments into your portfolio will increase your investment returns significantly, with most deals negotiating an interest rate between 7% and 12% (rates can be lower or higher). Your return rates for real estate backed investments are negotiated and confirmed by a lawyer, giving you a reliable, predictable source of income that can be utilized as a usable day-to-day income or reinvested into your principal. 

if you are ready for your investment portfolio to reach new heights, take the first step by contacting us today for an introduction to real estate backed investments and how they can be introduced to diversify your portfolio and increase your returns.